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PrimeAPP Catalog

Platform for the digital Product Catalog APP, offline and online.

Thanks to our platform, exclusively designed to manage the digital Product Catalog, we provide your company with a powerful and completely interactive marketing tool.

An off-line APP that works as the most evolved web product catalogs

All the informations that you can find in a classic paper catalog are now available in an Application that also offers you unlimited number of pictures, unlimited and parameterizable technical features, extensive descriptions, product details, attachments, accessories and much more.

The product catalog is available:

  • Off-line Tablets and Smartphones (iOS and Android)
  • On-line Web (PC, Tablets, Smartphones)

    We prepare your digital catalog using:

  • -Your current PDF catalogs
  • -Photos in .jpg or .png
  • -Your structured data (excel or any other database)

The off-line APP digital catalog first support and then replaces the paper catalog.

App Catalog is a service provided in "Cloud Computing" mode (Cloud Google).