The most innovative way to present your products. Your digital catalog on any mobile device and on the web.

Digital catalog - Organize into categories

Organize into categories, manage features and connected articles.

All the informations concerning your products or services are there, right in front of your finger.
Digital catalog - A simple and intuitive way to present

A simple and intuitive way to present.

Custom Templates and Details, Features and Attachments always up to date
Digital catalog - Your Product Catalog anywhere

Your Product Catalog anywhere

Visible on all Apple and Android devices and from home PCs

PrimePP Catalog


The catalog is an essential tool to communicate to the B2B business channel and promoting the company's products.

With the increasing use of tablets and smartphones and the growing demand for interactivity, the adoption of the traditional paper catalog is proving to be impractical and costly in terms of design, creation, printing, distribution and updating.
A product catalog is efficient if it allows you to have on hand the latest information and to spare the B2B channel the encumbrance of the paper solution, eliminating this way the concerns of printing the catalog or getting the various additions like updates to the products registry or the product prices.

PrimeAPP Catalog has been achieved to satisfy these and many other requests.

A new and innovative platform that allows, through a portal with restricted access, the management and distribution of your digital catalog on any mobile device and on the web.

PrimeAPP Catalog makes your catalog a real application that can be installed on every mobile device and can be downloaded directly or only at the request from the Apple Store and Google Play Store.
The company will be able to determine if send the full catalog or only a part of it. You can choose what each member of the B2B channel can see.

Through Cloud Computing you can manage everything in full autonomy. You can use the PrimeAPP Catalog off-line for maximum efficiency, the application will synchronize and align to the Cloud at a subsequent internet connection.