The catalog app That Allows you to view and present the products of your business like never done beforeT

With PrimeAPP catalog your Company may have the product catalog on all the platforms, off -line and on-line

  • APP for tablets and smartphones
    Catalog App
  • Web Catalog on PCs, tablets e smartphones

Predisposed for

  • Service delivery in Cloud Computing
  • Installation on the company's Data center

First installation and update of the product catalog

  • 1) On the Apple and Google stores you can find only the Catalog App software, not the data. The stores are used only for the first installation
  • 2) Once the app has been installed, at its first start it begins the data synchronization through Cloud Computing
  • 3) When the product catalog is modified, all the tablets and smartphones are notified
  • 4) Every not up to date Catalog App, once connected to the internet, will automatically synchronize. If the internet connection becomes not available, the user will be notified with a pending update message
  • 5) The update concerns all the data and only the new or modified files (pictures, PDFs, etc). This way the synchronization will be very fast